subway inspired

I really like Oh Franson’s subway quilt…. wow!  I decided to make one for Mel, who turned 14 last Christmas…. time seems to be my enemy on this quilt, along with indecisiveness.. I’m struggling to finish this.

as a newbie quilter, i found the original design to be a little daunting, so i wanted to design my own version. I was really excited to use EQ software to design this… my first design used 4.5 inch blocks, but then I thought about turning it enpointe…. this proved difficult in EQ, and I had to redesign from scratch as there was no easy way to convert templates.



I found a Kona charcoal solid and bought all the remaining yardage off the bolt… just over 2 yards. I ended up selecting and then discarding several prints… I was trying to stay with purples, adding yellow and pale grey for contrast. I’ve ended up with blues and greens, discarded the pale grey, switched out the original yellow for vibrant batiks… I finally finished the quilt top last week. here are a couple swatches of the fabric used:





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