subway quilt update

I hit a road block when it came to deciding on the borders and quilt back. I was running out of fabric in the kona charcoal, and I had bought all remaining yardage off the the bolt the last time I was at Sew Sisters. After unsuccessfully auditioning multiple fabric combinations from my stash, I trudged off to the quilt shop in search of inspiration. The bright prints did not work, they made the borders seem heavy, and detracted from the centre. I found inspiration hanging on a wall, and settled on a thin inner border of printed fabric, and a thicker border of plain fabric. Luckily, I found a new bolt of Kona Charcoal waiting at Sew Sisters, and will mix it with some existing pink and yellow polka dot (from my stash) for the inner border – the effect is gorgeously modern, it feels like a pink frame floating in the charcoal solid. I chose the polka dot, since it reminded me of the scuffed up yellow edge of the TTC subway platforms – it appears to be made of a yellow rubber-like material, and is embossed with dots.

the back of the quilt has been a challenge. I have scrounged up every bit of left over fabric, and will just have enough to piece together the back. I’m including 4 large Ohio stars, and I’ve managed to incorporated the purple and pink flamed fabric, which didnt make it on the quilt front…. hope it isn’t overkill….


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