Outrageous Orange

When I went to Sew Sister to get more fabric for the subway quilt, I spotted this great Hawaiian print in the sale section, and then some great orange and red prints. As I was about to leave I saw this wonderful yellow print, and had to get a metre of it. Last night I auditioned a few more prints from my stash, including a rich green that reminds me of my old primary school uniform. Now, what quilt pattern shall I choose? Here’s some pictures of the fabric I’ve chosen:


funny how the digital swatches never quite match the fabric… this is why I like to shop in the stores…

I rarely buy quilt patterns, as I usually purchase quilt books, and I never stick faithfully to the pattern anyway. But Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts (Julie Herman) caught my eye a few months ago, so I picked up both the pattern and the triangular ruler that works with the pattern. I think these fabrics will work perfectly with it. I’m thinking that I will reserve the red (with beige and black “onion” like motif) for the back of the quilt. But more on this in a later post… I need to ponder a bit.


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