Caribbean Colour Story

Just back from the islands… and I’d forgotten how much Trinbagonians (dwellers of Trinidad and Tobago) love colour.  Even unexpected places have colour… the underside of the new overpass near Champ Fleurs in Trinidad has been painstakingly painted in deep cobalt blue. Contrast that to the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, which is shedding chunks of concrete, and is a dull, lifeless, paintless concrete grey.

Tobago residents, in particular, like painting store fronts and home bright and bold colours. It seems that shades of yellow, orange and green are “in” colours for residential homes, and for commercial properties, anything goes! I saw colour combinations such as burgundy rooftops with pale terracotta walls, sea foam green and yellow, cranberry accented with pale pink. This (of course) got me thinking of new quilts to sew, and new fabric and colour combinations 🙂


We spent a lot of time on the beach, but I enjoyed traipsing around the island, taking in the lush green foliage, blue waters and vibrant coloured flowers as well. Tobago is truly a paradise island – gorgeous and inspiring!



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