Flush Zip Pockets

I decided to construct a new bag, using an Amy Butler pattern I picked up about a year ago at Sew Sisters. Looking through my stash, I unearthed some medium grey home dec fabric from Ikea, and paired it Robert Kaufman’s Metro Living, a pale cream with grey rings.

Of course I decided to modify things slightly. I want to add a flush zip pocket on the front. But my last zip (on my IPad sleeve) was a bit of a disaster! I dug through my stash, and found a cotton print remnant to create a mockup.



Not bad for a first try, eh? Besides the puckering on the sides, which I can’t figure out how to eliminate, I’m quite happy. I used Lisa Lam’s (Bag Making Bible) book as a guide, as well as a tutorial I found on Sew, Mama, Sew. I love Lisa Lam’s book, but I can’t seem to figure out all the directions… I guess as I progress, I will learn sewing-pattern-speak.. anyway, the online tutorial filled in some of the blanks.

oh, so more on the bag in another post.


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