Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag – part 2

as promised, I took some snapshots today of the birdie sling bag… I used it today, and discovered some flaws. The zipper I added at the top does not fit properly, and puckers, looking untidy. I can likely fix this, with my trusty seam ripper, and some hand stitching.

But the bag is roomy, and handle is comfortable. Let’s see if I can cram my fruit and sandwich in there tomorrow morning 😉


I was unsure about the deep lilac lining for the pocket and the zippers, but it’s unexpected – I kinda like it.


Overall, I’m thrilled with it. This bag allowed me to incorporate a few “firsts”. I wanted to try working with neutrals, and the grey and cream work beautifully. I also incorporated two zips (yippee!). I created pleats and gussets, and tried a new shape.


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