Stash Shots: Future Tote Bags

In addition to quilting cottons, I seem to be accumulating home dec weight fabric. So this summer, I’m going to make a few tote bags, or maybe a messenger bag or two… or some other kind of bag. I’ve got three books to take inspiration from:

the bag making bible, by Lisa Lam
style stitches, by Amy Butler
carry me, by Yuka Kohizen

I have been trying to decide what prints to mix:


Source: FabricLand, both are drapery, at about $11/metre.


Source: the red fabric is from a drapery store on Keele street, at under $2/metre. the blue batik is from Sew Sisters.

For the 3 pictures below: red print, $4/metre, FabricLand. the striped fabric, and multicolored squares are from a fabric store on Cipero street in Trinidad





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