A little (bag) obsessed…

Tutorial Alert: really want to try this tutorial for a tote bag

Post Project Update: my birdie sling bag is in constant use since I made it, and it is still looking okay, although, I can see that the handle will get dirty with use… fortunately. the bag is washable (theoretically).


New Purchases: so I’m a little obsessed lately with drapery fabric (for sewing tote bags) and assorted hardware for bags (snaps, eyelets, assorted findings). I stopped by FabricLand yesterday (for one item!) and there was a sale. sigh. 50% off EVERYTHING. 2 hours later, I was happier, and poorer.


sewing patterns were buy 1, get 2 free.


assorted hardware at half price!


really loved the gorgeous shiny embroidery thread.


now, I don’t have to sew my own handles!


this was a steal at $4/metre.


this is a light weight denim-like cotton (twill, maybe?)…


this is fully reversible, perfect for sturdy grocery bags…


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