Confessions of a fabricaholic

I have so many new projects to start, yet when it’s time to sew, I can never find what I’m looking for, or worse, I forgot I bought it. I recently bought two fabulous pieces of Stonehenge by Northcott, only to come home and find I had them in my stash! Yikes!

So I decided to take stock – I’ve been squirreling away bits and pieces here and there, and after an exhaustive search, I laid it all out on the living room floor, and started organizing. It’s not cataloged yet (!), but it’s all now in one corner of my bedroom. I chose to store it here so that I will be forced to stop buying – if the stash continues to grow, i will be very inconvenienced!

the plan is to take snapshots of each fabric and upload them Somewhere-on-the-Internet, where I can easily reference them when I’m shopping. Not that I’m going to be doing much shopping in Toronto for a while. However, I will be making an exception, since I’m in Europe, and will likely come across some interesting fabric that is not easily available on the other side of the Atlantic.

That’s my excuse, anyway 😉


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