Back from the islands

It’s been a busy July. I had planned to blog from Austria, but we were always on the go – Vienna, Reid, Attersee, Salzburg, and everywhere in between.

Vienna was super hot when we arrived in early July, and clearly no one has ever heard of a fan or air conditioning there… 😉 but it was a great atmosphere, and I got a chance to soak up some sunshine while we toured the city centre. Got some shopping in, and a chance to visit Swarovski, where I was surprised with some great gifts 😉

Then off to Greece for a week of sailing. Super hot! but this was a great opportunity to spend time together – we had a wonderful time. The Greek people are so warm and friendly, and every port is full of character. We explored some of the most beautiful beaches, and even a fantastic cave.



The food is fantastic – we had fresh tuna, right off the boat, crispy calamari, local lamb stews, and grilled meats. Two of my favourite restaurants were MireMare in Vasiliki, Lefkas, and Stavros.

Then back to Attersee, Austria for a few restful days by the lake. The water is colder (brrrrr), but once you’re in, it’s quite refreshing! I usually took my time getting into the water, but the kids do it right – cannonball!


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