Update: Sweet Sawtooth Basket Weave Quilt is back!

Jeannie did an *amazing* job with the long arm quilting, I’m thrilled with the results. I’m struggling today for some reason to attach the binding (I’m currently ripping out a long row of stitches). Sigh. Sometimes, even though I know how to do things, I still mess it up.


 Check out that quilting… so beautifully done, thanks Jeannie!


Back to seam ripping….


Irie Chopsticks Quilt

20120916-222210.jpg This is a pretty poorly lit snapshot of my latest project – for a better idea of the fabrics, take a look here. I spent a couple hours this weekend cutting fabric for my attempt at a chopsticks quilt – a Jaybird Quilts pattern I picked up at Sew Sisters earlier in the year. The stash of fabric that I had put together back in April for this quilt has diminished, as I did some thoughtful editing. I did buy too much of the Hawaiian print fabric, but not to worry, it will contribute to the backing perhaps, or another project, as the colours are too fabulous!

There was a LOT of cutting. And I’m not done, as I still have to cut the “frames” for the smaller triangles from the 7 prints. But I’m determined. I love the colour combination for this project, although I’ve opted not to use a pure solid green. I hope it all works out.

OPT – Other People’s Tutorials

I’ve started a page where I plan to document tutorials that I come across that I would like to try. I think it’s amazing  and wonderful that our sewing community has spent so much time and effort to provide free material/resources to the masses. I’ve learned how to sew french seams, zippers, and more thanks to online tutorials and videos, and learned tips and tricks to help me cut more accurately, piece more efficiently and quilt with more confidence. Thanks to all the wonderful folks out there in the WWW who have generously shared their expertise.

To access the OPT page, click the OPT page link up at the top of this blog. If anyone has any tips and tricks for newbie crochet enthusiasts (I just started about 3 weeks ago), please share!

iPad Sleeve


I started blogging in order to keep an online diary of my progress as a quilter. I use my blog to track projects I’m working on, stuff I’ve done, and future ideas to realize. I’m also blogging about purchases, so I can keep track of that – I’m addicted to fabric in a wonderful, terrible way.

I had forgotten about this sleeve I had done about a year and a half ago. It was my first attempt at a zipper, and I you-tubed quite a bit before putting it all together. The fabrics were leftover squares from my sister’s bright and bubbly quilt, and strips of batik from a tonga treats bundle. Lots of colour – not a first for me. But my first attempt at appliqué, and using the fancy stitches on my (then) new sewing machine. I used white thread for the appliqué and variegated thread for the fancy stitches. The case is quilted in long, fairly straight lines, and does provide reasonable protection when I’m traveling.

The zipper is functional, but not very pretty to look at.I could not figure how to reduce the bulk at the zipper ends. However, I’ve learnt a great deal more about sewing zippers since!

The pictures below show the back of the sleeve, the front of the sleeve, and a close up of the stitching using multicoloured thread.




A Visit to Sew Sisters

One of the reasons I love visiting Sew Sisters is all the interesting folks who pass through. This wonderful woman was kind enough to show me her patchwork quilt embellished with hand embroidery – she called it Memories, and many of the fabric bits had small emblems embroidered onto them to represent memories of her life. Truly inspiring!

I love talking with the staff, they are incredibly knowledgeable. As a newbie quilter, I sometimes feel like I should be following some sort of quilting path, and it’s helpful to know that I’m allowed to like everything, and can try different things. After chatting with Jeannie and Judy, I started browsing around, and on a whim, I did pick up several subtle prints to start a quilt for mum. This is a deviation for me, as I’m always drawn to bold bright, very modern, graphic prints. I started with two white prints with flower bunches that are so soft and pretty, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them! I’m mixing in soft pastel pinks and lilacs, and blue and green for some contrast. My stash has yielded a pale pink and deep pink Kona solid that will compliment nicely, but NOTHING else from my stash fits the palette. Why am I not surprised? 😉

Here is a list of fabrics collected so far:

  • Rose bouquet ivory – French Hatbox by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit
  • Plum geometric – Molly’s Meadow Group fron Henry Glass & Co
  • Pale Lilac with scroll motif – unknown
  • Pink Geo Squares – Wellesly Collection by Ro Gregg for Northcott Fabrics
  • Bright Pink – Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman
  • Baby Pink – Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman
  • Floral Pink – Rhapsody in Bloom from Maywood Studio
  • Heavenly Peace – Carnation Evergreen – Verna Mosquera’s collection for FreeSpirit
  • Light Teal – Blooming colors – Benartex
  • Roses – white – Rhapsody in Bloom from Maywood Studio

I love those huge bunches of pink roses in the background. Now that I look at it, I think I will need another blue or green as well, and will have to source a taupe/grey to round things out, as there’s an awful lot of pink! The deep Kona pink reads almost fluorescent in this shot, I may have to rethink it, but it will stay for now. I’m well aware that the stash could read as two different quilt palettes (bottom vs top half), but I think that’s half the fun. Now to come up with a pattern to match it.

Here are some of the digital swatches for comparison:

Sawtooth Basket Baby Quilt Update

So for Nawal’s quilt, I decided on a deep purple border, 3″ finished. I have also completed the back, entirely from my stash with pink, green and bits of yellow and white. Although the back does not match the front, it has a similar feel, all bright and cheery. I did have to piece the back using strips from my stash. I’m quite happy with the decision NOT to buy additional fabric, the quilt now has incorporated fabric from previous projects, and it all works well. I’ve opted to hand over the quilt to Jeannie, who will long arm quilt it for me. This was a tough decision, but I simply do not have the time  to quilt this myself. As well, the quilt is so linear, and I wanted to do non-linear quilting – and, er, uhm… I’m not very good at that yet 🙂 Sorry, no pictures of the finished top and back, I was in a hurry to get this out the door and into Jeannie’s hands…