Sawtooth Basket Baby Quilt Update

So for Nawal’s quilt, I decided on a deep purple border, 3″ finished. I have also completed the back, entirely from my stash with pink, green and bits of yellow and white. Although the back does not match the front, it has a similar feel, all bright and cheery. I did have to piece the back using strips from my stash. I’m quite happy with the decision NOT to buy additional fabric, the quilt now has incorporated fabric from previous projects, and it all works well. I’ve opted to hand over the quilt to Jeannie, who will long arm quilt it for me. This was a tough decision, but I simply do not have the time  to quilt this myself. As well, the quilt is so linear, and I wanted to do non-linear quilting – and, er, uhm… I’m not very good at that yet 🙂 Sorry, no pictures of the finished top and back, I was in a hurry to get this out the door and into Jeannie’s hands…


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