iPad Sleeve


I started blogging in order to keep an online diary of my progress as a quilter. I use my blog to track projects I’m working on, stuff I’ve done, and future ideas to realize. I’m also blogging about purchases, so I can keep track of that – I’m addicted to fabric in a wonderful, terrible way.

I had forgotten about this sleeve I had done about a year and a half ago. It was my first attempt at a zipper, and I you-tubed quite a bit before putting it all together. The fabrics were leftover squares from my sister’s bright and bubbly quilt, and strips of batik from a tonga treats bundle. Lots of colour – not a first for me. But my first attempt at appliqué, and using the fancy stitches on my (then) new sewing machine. I used white thread for the appliqué and variegated thread for the fancy stitches. The case is quilted in long, fairly straight lines, and does provide reasonable protection when I’m traveling.

The zipper is functional, but not very pretty to look at.I could not figure how to reduce the bulk at the zipper ends. However, I’ve learnt a great deal more about sewing zippers since!

The pictures below show the back of the sleeve, the front of the sleeve, and a close up of the stitching using multicoloured thread.





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