Ski Trip to Carinzia


Hmm, the title is very misleading, as I did not ski on this trip, although everyone else went barreling down the mountain with great joy every day. I opted to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and do some sight seeing, as it was my first time in the southern alps. We even crossed over the top of the mountain and down a very narrow steep road into Italy for an afternoon drive. I also took advantage of the spa and sauna at the hotel, as well as the indoor/outdoor heated pool – a completely relaxing vacation, leaving me ready for the new year, which we celebrated with close friends and family… Here are some odd pictures snapped during the trip.


I was amazed that in the valleys, the countryside was still green, despite the fact that it’s december.


At the top of Nassfeld, we were able to enter Italy.


Hermagor, Austria is one of the nearby picturesque towns that we visited. That day, it was crisp, cold and sunny. The red building has a wonderful cafe with a great bakery – we bought special marzipan treats for the new year celebration there.


Window shopping in Villach – could not resist these cute costumes!


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