Snow Day

Snow Day

Staring up through the branches to blue skies above. Took this picture while making snow angels after a fairly big storm in the city last weekend. I love the way the skies are always so clear and blue after a storm. Bright sunshine on crisp white blankets of snow make everything so beautiful, and there’s that wonderful feeling that the earth is sleeping peacefully beneath. I love those first tracks through the snow, and the glistening icicles on snow laden firs.  I made my first snow angel after this storm too!

IMG_1760IMG_1751 IMG_1762 IMG_1758


Practical Matters 2

Working on additional bird cage mats, since the first one was so successful. This grey and pale french blue quilted mat needs to be bound, and I used a thicker polyester batting to give it stiffness, as the first one was a bit floppy. I bought these fabrics at FabricLand, 1 metre@$7 for the blue and cream print, and 1 metre@$4 for the chevron. The blue and cream print is very french country in feel, and is a lighter weight drapery panel type fabric.


The chevron grey stripe is thicker, and will form the base. The top blue and cream reads very yellowed in this shot.


I shot this photo with a natural light reading lamp. Will try to get better snapshots later on.

Book Cover – Art Journal

Mely is in an art program, and I often pick up hard cover, spiral-bound art journals for her when they are on sale – she prefers these for sketching. I decided to make a quilted cover for one that I gave her for christmas – it was a bit of a disaster in my opinion, since I can’t figure out it if I like it or not 🙂

Rachel from Stitched in Color has a pretty cool tutorial on making journal covers, which came in handy when I started on this project. I think my problem was editing – I had so many fabrics I wanted to incorporate that reminded me of Mely… especially the Michael Miller hot pink eiffel tower print, and the fussy cuts from Alexander Henry’s “The Ghastlies” line. The purple flames were from the quilt I made for her last birthday, so I wanted to incorporate that as well on the wonderful splotchy, purple print that I settled on as the background fabric.


Here’s the front cover (above) with the fussy cuts. Close ups of the fussy cuts are below. I used variegated thread from a canadian company called Wonderfil. I picked up several spools  at the Creativ Festival downtown last October, and this was the first time I had a chance to use it.


IMG_1683Here is the back of the journal cover, and below that the inside flap… I used the blue fabric only because I wanted a contrasting colour – there was so much purple on the front!


    I was trying to represent the fussy cut grey appliqué bits as grave stones with hellish flames below, and purple ghoulish birds circling above…. Maybe you see it, maybe not?


The keys are from a scrapbooking kit. I used the pink one on the cover, tucked the rest in the inside flap, as Mely likes key motifs.

The journal cover is functional, although weird looking to me. But Mely loved it, and I guess that’s all that counts 🙂