Tango Dance Shoe Bag

I was making (yet) another simple tote, and had picked up some deep blue and purple kona fabric from Sew Sisters to match Ikea striped fabric that I had in my stash. This is IKEA’s off the bolt drapery line, a simple pastel rainbow stripe that reminds me of awnings. After cutting the tote front and side panels, stitching the wide bands of fabric and adding some decorative stitching, I changed my mind. I decided to go with the flow. Experiment a little. You know those moments in life? So I chopped up the front panel – fashioned it into a cylinder and made a kind of deep bucket bag. I lined the inside with some grey, pink and peach quilting weight cotton, and some leftover pink tartan wool. The wool, as I learned later, was not a good choice for lining a shoe bag, as it attracts dirt and dust very easily! The lining has two pockets, one is for my dance membership card, and the other can hold an iphone or keys or both – the pocket is quite deep. I had some blue cotton straps to make an adjustable strap (in case I want to wear it cross-body). The findings were too large though, but it does a decent job. I used orange polka dot ribbon for the drawstring at the top. I was going to put a zipper, but decided that the bag needed some breathability, since it’s for shoes.


Overall, I was not happy with the choice of fabric, but it was meant to be a prototype, using whatever I had on hand. I’m working on another one in  a different shape, and will test both for several weeks to see which shape is more suitable. This second one is being constructed using drapery fabric from my stash, and if I can get it right (!), it will be completely reversible. It would help if I used patterns instead of winging it, I suppose.


5 thoughts on “Tango Dance Shoe Bag

  1. Great tango bag. I might need to make one for my parents, they have been dancing the Argentinian tango for about ten years now! And they still use plastic bags for their shoes….. Need I say more?

    • you should make one… I’m so inspired by the 60s dance shoe bags, and want to make one. if only I can figure out the construction 😉

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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