Bird Huts R Us


So accessories for birds are really expensive in the stores, and they either (a) don’t last due to wear and tear or (b) are difficult to keep clean. Did I mention that a lot of birds like to chew on them as well? My sister asked me to create a bird hut that could be opened flat and tossed into the washer. She also wanted light coloured fabrics for the inside, with little pattern. That was the biggest challenge of this project! As big as my stash is, I have few solids in pale colours.

I used some leftover Kona in a pale cream from the sweet sawtooth basket weave quilt that I made for a friend’s daughter. I also had some scraps of peach and orange quilting cotton from Mum’s orange summer tote. A scrap of bright blue hawaiian print (sorry, I have my limits, I needed something bright in there) and leftover bits of a red strap for a tote were commissioned for this project, and I finished it with ready made grey double folded bias binding from FabricLand.

The bottom of the hut is actually an open ended pouch where I inserted medium weight corrugated cardboard for reinforcement. The card board is easily extracted prior to washing, and the whole hut opens up flat. I experimented with decorative stitches to quilt this hut, and used unbleached cotton batting (3 layers) to add rigidity.


This hut is roomier than the original store bought ones, to accommodate two lounging birds. However Bubbles has decided it’s a room-for-one, and has proudly staked claim 🙂

I have since scoured Fabric land for cheap white cotton to make another one for Pickles. Stay tuned for part 2.


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