Cushion Covers – Lone Starburst with a twist


I have a project in the works for 2 cushion covers, and one pillow slip. The cushion covers are for 26 inch foam cushions from IKEA, for the kids to use for lounging in their room. Six White Horses has an excellent tutorial for paper pieced stars called the Lone Starburst. I love this star, and have seen it on quite a few other blogs. But it’s designed for about 12.5 inch block, and I needed something to span a 26 inch block. I downloaded the pattern and, using Inkscape, have attempted to enlarge the star. I’ve just finished 2 of 8 points of the star, and so far, it looks like it will come together nicely. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I’m seriously scrap busting on this project, featuring some coveted african print fat quarters which I have been hoarding jealously (shame, shame, shame). I nearly shed tears when I cut into these fat quarters, really. But they are readily available online via Kallisti Quilts, and she does visit Toronto a few times a year (for the Creativ Festival in April and October, and also the york Heritage festival). Given that I can get this fabric, and that I LOVE this fabric, you’d think it would feature prominently in more of my projects.

I’m also delving into my collection of batiks, most of which are half yards that I pick up from Hamel’s Fabrics when they visit at the Creativ Festival. There are also a few batiks from a leftover tonga treats 2.5 inch strip pack. Instead of using white for the background, I’ll be using a Kona medium blue solid.

For the pillow slip – this is for a pillow that my cousin’s late grandma made for her when she was a little girl. I wanted to preserve the pillow with a new quilted pillow slip. I have no ideas for a pattern, although I’d like to do something that is paper-pieced if I can. Any ideas?


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