Quilt Resources: Craftsy, Spoonflower, Pinterest, Flipboard and more

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sew (sigh), because my sewing machine and I can’t seem to be in the same place for a reasonable amount of time. But my iPad follows me everywhere, and I’ve been experimenting with some interesting sites/apps/technology.

Let’s start with www.Craftsy.com:

  • What It Is: It’s an online tutorial site and craft shopping site. There’s surprisingly very good free content as well as excellent paid content.
  • What I’m doing with it: Lately, I’m browsing the free content, watching the lectures from the latest QuiltCon 2013 hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild. Everyone from Amy Butler to Mary Fons, each with their own unique point of view. Interesting stuff. Jacquie Gering’s presentation was endearing and really brought the emotion of quilting to the forefront.
  • What I’ve done in the past with it: Several free and paid tutorials – excellent content, I can pause and rewind, and play it over and over. Browsing the shopping area, I was able to download a free paper piecing tutorial (from ipatchandquilt.wordpress.com). I was not able to buy fabric through this site (maybe because I’m Canadian)
  • What I think of  It: I love this site…. iPad friendly, do download the app! There’s so much to learn here, and it’s a really easy to access.If you are a new quilt enthusiast, or even a quilt guru looking for help with expanding your skill set, this is definitely a great resource.


  • What It Is: Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love – photos of things, that is
  • What I’m doing with it: making collections – you can create boards where you can pin inspiration pictures, things that you have made, things you wanna make, etc
  • What I think of  It: iPad friendly app available. I don’t use it as often as I should, but it really is a great great resource. You can find me at http://pinterest.com/offquilter/


  • What It Is: Spoonflower lets you upload your own designs and turn them into fabric, wallpaper or decals. You can sell your stuff here too. Or buy from others
  • What I’m doing with it: I just uploaded a few sketches today that I wanted to turn into fabric for a future project.
  • What I think of  It: Not iPad friendly for the create fabric phase, but purchasing looks ok. No app available. It allows you to use PicMonkey to edit your work – I rather like the texture feature of this site! Although it’s not iPad friendly, it works really well in a browser, and I’m quite happy with the first uploads. You can find me here


  • What It Is: an RSS feed reader, which incorporates Google Reader content, somehow (don’t ask, I dont know)
  • What I’m doing with it: reading quilting and sewing blogs!
  • What I think of  It: Not all my favourite bloggers have RSS feeds turned on their sites. I wish they would. The beauty of this site is that it’s like an online newspaper or magazine of every rss feed you wanna read – convenient, easy to use interface, and iPad friendly 🙂

Other apps/software/technology that I’m exploring right now:

  • PicMonkey (online photo editor)
  • PaintBrush for the Mac
  • Inkscape
  • SketchbookX for iPad
  • Adonit Jot Pro – touchscreen stylus – I’m really loving this!

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