reblogging: Wish upon a star – part 2

Paper Piecing Pattern – Wish! by ester at I just downloaded it, and can’t wait to try it out! also my first attempt at reblogging – how cool is this?


Maybe you remember that I had the privilege to test the alphabet pattern FONTASTIC by Kristy at Quietplay. A group of pattern testers had to try out a selection of words and than send the blocks to her so Kristy could make them part of two charity quilts.  I added a little seven pointed star to my package and told Kristy to do whatever she wanted with it. She has now finished the quilt top for the first of two quilts with the test blocks.  And my little star rocks on the bottom!

Have a look at these gorgeous photo’s from Kristy!

Did you also spot my WISH block on the top?

I had wanted to draw the paper piecing pattern for this seven pointed star myself, but had not gotten around to do it. (I had used a drawing I found online before.) And when Kristy  put my star…

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