Shopaholics R Me

on the way home from work on Friday, I stopped off at the Creativ Festival show, for a little retail therapy.

Here’s a quick snap of some of my loot from Sew Sister, Hamels, Fabric Spot, Kallisiti Quilts, log cabin yardage and Hyggelit. I will share some close ups soon from each of these retailers. it was a lousy day for photos, although I had everything piled up on the window sill ready to go, just in case a little sun peeped through. No luck today…



The Liebster Blog award? I accept!

ImageThis is such a cool idea. I got nominated for a Liebster blog award by Esther from ipatchandquilt a short while ago. Had no idea what this was. So I googled. Here are the rules that I’ve found at In a Room of My Own:

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for blogs with under 200 followers. Apparently Liebster is German for “beloved” and a blog nominated for this award is “worth watching”.

There are 5 rules attached to this award:

1. If you are nominated for the award and accept it, then you have won!

2. Link back to the person who presented the award to you. Answer their questions.

3. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers who you feel deserve the award. Ask them questions.

4. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog.

5. Attach the Liebster award badge to your site.


I’ve found other blogs with slightly different rules, but I think the spirit of the award remains the same. I’m happy for my nomination, and want to include others! So here goes:

Answering Esthers Questions:

  • – What music do you put on when driving?
    • Anything that makes me forget that I’m stuck in Toronto traffic – if I can sing at the top of my lungs, it’s all good!
  • – What colour clothes do you always buy?
    • I’m drawn to blue. Lately though I’m loving black and white geometric print…
  • – What sound just “makes your day”?
    • birds tweeting on a lazy sunday afternoon
  • – What trip would you like to make whenever you had the chance?
    • I’d love to go to QuiltCon (really, really, really!)
  • – Which artist inspires you?


My Nominations

  • A Thousand Quilted Cranes – a truly ambitious and inspirational undertaking. Join the journey.
  • Happy Turtle – you gotta check out her latest project, Eastern Sunrise – the colour palette is fabulous
  • Quilting Grandma – I’m so inspired by her journey into free motion quilting.
  • Through My Window – this mixed media art quilter explores nature in her expressive work
  • Buzy Day – I’ve just started folowing this lover of all things handmade!


IMG_1605My Questions to the nominees

– What or Who inspires you lately?
– What’s your favourite song/movie/tv show?
– When the going gets tough, what do you do to keep going?
– Share a favourite quote or saying (it could be yours)
– Share a favourite picture

I’m lately inspired by colour palettes – paint swatches at the Home Depot, flower bouquets in the supermarket, magazine spreads – especially design and home decor. Somehow, I find myself dissecting what I’m seeing into colour swatches and trying to understand what makes each hue work together.
My favourite song (Crazy – Patsy Cline), movie (Up), TV Show (The Big Bang Theory). My favourite quote – “change is good – you go first”. My favourite picture… well any shot of a Caribbean beach is my favourite – the one I’m sharing is of Pigeon Point, Tobago 🙂

Phoenix Quilt continues – Part 4

How many times will I change my mind? I completed 3 of the 4 two inch “floorboard” borders, and cut the orange and red Hawaiian print for the 4th. I laid it all out, and decided I did not love it. So I’ve decided to try something completely different. I have this gorgeous green, black and white African print which I’ve mixed with a green, yellow and black numbers print (the “matrix” print) to create a final border. Here’s a snapshot of the border strips laid out next to the quilt top. I plan to sew them on during the week… I believe it will work, although none of the green fabric is referenced in the quilt top. So it’s risky – but I’m gonna try anyway. If it does not work, I can always pull out my trusty seam ripper 🙂


Bird Huts R Us – Part 2

20130416-221659.jpgFollowing the success of the sleeping hut pour deux, I was asked to create some lounging huts – or liming huts, if you’re Trini 😉

I created these from IKEA home dec weight fabric – the same fabric I used for the tango dance shoe bag. I used white twill for the inside and cut “windows” framed with grey store bought binding. it was a challenge to sew the binding on the windows, particularly where the circular top meets the straight “window sill”. The end result is two washable liming spots for the birds, and a very relieved bird owner. My sister got a rare shot of both Pickles and Bubbles liming together above – they are just too cute!




Project Phoenix continues – Part 3

I’m psyched! I had a really productive day yesterday. After squaring up the centre panel, I added 2 sets of blue pieced borders, that extend the panel by a few inches and subtly frame the Phoenix centerpiece.

Then I took stock of my stash. I had dreams of a wide substantial border, but I don’t seem to have enough of any one fabric to make a statement. Then I thought, why not mix several reds to make a modern pieced border of 2 inch wide (finished) strips? I got the idea from floor boards, often set in random lengths, but even widths. I’ve finished 2 “rounds” already, and am eyeing a gorgeous orangey-red hawaiian print for my next 2 inch border. Mind the poor lighting, it was really late – hopefully I will get better light soon to show off the stunning reds in the “floorboard” pieced border.

I have some ripping planned first, as I found more of the purplish red circular batik (in the left corner of the photo) – much nicer than the smaller circular orange and red batik that’s in the bottom border of the quilt.

Project Phoenix continues – Part 2

One of my struggles with this quilt is a constraint that I cannot buy any more fabric for this quilt. I’ve bought tonnes of fabric towards this quilt, and I’ve got to make it work with what I have. I had an Ohio star sewn in at the top right of the existing quilt top, and while it was gorgeous, it just did not work. So, I ripped it out and replaced it with more blue random patchwork. The picture below shows the quilt top with ripped out section, and a righteous mess on the living room floor as I pulled out tonnes of fabric to audition for borders.

my plan for today is to resist other projects, and focus on moving this quilt top along. It’s time to make this a reality. Wish me luck!


Ticklish Baby Quilt

I am a sucker for precuts. in my stash cleanup a few weeks ago, I came across several packages of precuts…. too many packages! I put any precut batiks aside for an upcoming project, and I decided to take the 5″ squares and just sew the whole sets together to make simple scrap baby quilt tops. Good Plan, right? Quick Project, right? Stash Busting Is A Good Thing.

Halfway through I had an idea. A really good idea. So now I have sets of 4 and 6 squares sewn together. And I’m stuck, because to realize this idea, I need some solids. Sew Sisters, here I come!


UFOs – one too many


UFOs or WIPs? who am I kidding? I was sketching an idea for a new quilt, and suddenly felt the need to make a list. This list has been on my mind for a few days… I sorted my stash, and did a little cleanup of my workspace this weekend. I found…. things. projects. unfinished projects. stashed in containers or bags, waiting to be picked up and continued. I’d like to be optimistic and call them works in progress, but let’s face it, that’s a bit of a stretch.

The Phoenix quilt was supposed to be a Christmas gift. if I can get moving on it, it will be a birthday present. I have less than a month. the good news is that I figured out what was the problem with the project, and have ripped out some of the patchwork and replaced it with more blue batik. I auditioned some reds for borders, and hopefully can get things back on track.

Spring Flowers, Sunshine… and Snow?

So this week welcomed warmer weather, then cooler weather… then wind.. and some light snow flurries… sigh. is Spring here or not? i received beautiful tulips this week, in gorgeous reddish purples, yellows and oranges. I initially had them in a tall vase, but as they began to mature and droop, I recut them into a spherical glass bowl.



these two shots were taken at the beginning and end of the week… I’m surprised the blooms have held up so nicely. The orange and purple blooms have deepened in color as they end their life cycle. I’m loving the change in colors.