UFOs – one too many


UFOs or WIPs? who am I kidding? I was sketching an idea for a new quilt, and suddenly felt the need to make a list. This list has been on my mind for a few days… I sorted my stash, and did a little cleanup of my workspace this weekend. I found…. things. projects. unfinished projects. stashed in containers or bags, waiting to be picked up and continued. I’d like to be optimistic and call them works in progress, but let’s face it, that’s a bit of a stretch.

The Phoenix quilt was supposed to be a Christmas gift. if I can get moving on it, it will be a birthday present. I have less than a month. the good news is that I figured out what was the problem with the project, and have ripped out some of the patchwork and replaced it with more blue batik. I auditioned some reds for borders, and hopefully can get things back on track.


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