Project Phoenix continues – Part 3

I’m psyched! I had a really productive day yesterday. After squaring up the centre panel, I added 2 sets of blue pieced borders, that extend the panel by a few inches and subtly frame the Phoenix centerpiece.

Then I took stock of my stash. I had dreams of a wide substantial border, but I don’t seem to have enough of any one fabric to make a statement. Then I thought, why not mix several reds to make a modern pieced border of 2 inch wide (finished) strips? I got the idea from floor boards, often set in random lengths, but even widths. I’ve finished 2 “rounds” already, and am eyeing a gorgeous orangey-red hawaiian print for my next 2 inch border. Mind the poor lighting, it was really late – hopefully I will get better light soon to show off the stunning reds in the “floorboard” pieced border.

I have some ripping planned first, as I found more of the purplish red circular batik (in the left corner of the photo) – much nicer than the smaller circular orange and red batik that’s in the bottom border of the quilt.


2 thoughts on “Project Phoenix continues – Part 3

    • thank you for saying that… I wanted to represent the Phoenix on fire, and I’m so glad you see it.. My inspiration for this piece is from a gorgeous dinosaur quilt that I discovered at Piece and Press – he is simply amazing! It made me want to try reverse appliqué on a large scale too!

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