Ticklish Baby Quilt – Part 2

Say Cheese… The shot above is some great colour from my stash. I love a good stashshot, it makes me happy.

Shop ’til You Drop… I bought a Ticklish by Me and My Sister for Moda charm pack from Sew Sisters a while back, and of course, stashed it away… somewhere. The fabric line is bright, sunny and Spring-like, and has lots of great color and pattern. Very sweet and perfect for a baby quilt. But I only bought one charm pack. So when I came up with a great little sketch, I realized I would need some solids, but I was 4 charm squares short! Sew Sisters had sold out the stock by the time I checked. What’s a girl to do? I bought some Kona Snow, 2 shades of Kona Grey and Black solids, and decided to compare my stash to the charm squares. Surely I could find a substitute? After digging through the 4 corners of my apartment, I came up with the finalists (see pictures above and below).

Camera, Lights, Action!… After some auditioning, I chose the green and white fat quarter -7872 Luna by Gail Fountain and Maywood Studio. The scrolling pattern mimics some of the scrollwork in the Ticklish line, and this green fits the Spring theme I was going for. Everything’s been cut, and is ready for sewing… in the near future.

Sneak Preview… Wanna see the sketch? The one on the right is the original design. When I had sewn most of the charm square blocks already, I almost gave up in despair once I realized I would be a few charm squares short. Mr. Engineer peered quietly over my shoulder for a little while, and when i wasn’t looking, he redesigned the quilt (that’s his sketch on the left). With this redesign, whatever oddball fabric I eventually found in my stash would go in the middle. I have to admit, it’s a great idea!



2 thoughts on “Ticklish Baby Quilt – Part 2

  1. That looks like fun! I’m making a quilt with the Ticklish Charm Squares too. 🙂 Such a happy line. Can’t wait to see your quilt. 🙂

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