Phoenix Quilt continues – Part 5

20130505-233152.jpg Managed to complete the back of the quilt today. I wanted to incorporate the stars (above) which I had originally sewn for the quilt front into the quilt back. Lots of scraps, lots of colour, and I even threw on a new print… a strip from a fat quarter of Space Invaders themed fabric, which I had picked up at Creativ Festival. I know, I know… I said I would not buy any more fabric for this quilt, but who can resist something as nostalgic as space invaders?

Here’s the back, not as yet squared up. I’m pretty happy with the bright colour, especially as I had a chance to use all those 2.5 inch strips of that yummy orange hawaiian print – I had originally cut that for the borders on the front, and changed my mind at the last moment.

20130505-233343.jpg The quilt sandwich is now pinned together, and I’ve started machine quilting. Hope I have some time this week to work on it.


4 thoughts on “Phoenix Quilt continues – Part 5

    • thx so much…. I was so glad to work these stars in… I had wanted to put them on the front, but it detracted from the Phoenix…

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