Project Phoenix Part 6 – Go with the Flo’

It’s finally finished. After washing it, And defuzzing it, there were threads to snip, and repairs, sigh… it seems the the some of the seams around the points of those paper pieced stars got loosened in the wash… not enough seam allowance was given… it future I will be extra generous about that.

The two shots above show the finished front and back. And yes, the back is wonky. I don’t know how I managed that, as I measured everything before sandwiching the quilt. I gave it away today to the intended recipient, who really likes it. I love it. It was a real challenge, and I had a really great time doing it. some frustration, some tears, some hesitation, sure. Was it what I had envisioned? Not at all, since I kept changing my mind all the time! But it was refreshing to see an idea evolve, twisting and changing to something wonderful. I have realized that, in the creative process, I had to let go and be flexible in order to overcome difficulty. I guess, I’ve learned that I actually can create something if I just let myself Go With The Flo’ 🙂






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