Vienna Calling

I. Love. Vienna.

Ask me if I saw any old monuments or wonderful buildings. Nope. I went shopping on the MariaHilferStraße, a great shopping street that was close to the hotel. Up and down. For 6 hours. With ice cream pit stops (for energy). It was wonderful!

I found a great fabric store (komolka), and picked up a few fabrics. This (together with the traditional dirndl fabric I found in Reid last week) should satisfy my stash, I hope. My wallet is not so happy… purchasing fabric in euros is a bit difficult.

The basket below contains half metres of traditional dirndl fabric. The green edelweiss print is so quintessentially Austrian. I hope to include these fabrics in a future quilt.

Here’s an odd collection of prints for various projects I have in my head, including a Richard Scarry inspired quilt (cars and trucks and things that go!) for Marco, who is almost three and has a serious need for speed 😉
This is a great modern Italian print on heavy cotton. The shot below this photo provides more detail.

Finally, this is the craziest fabric I’ve ever purchased. €26 per metre, and worth every cent, it’s 150cm wide and sewable – feels a bit like a leather. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s just so cool.


2 thoughts on “Vienna Calling

  1. Wallet be damned! What a great haul! Isn’t it fun to fabric shop in other towns, cities, states, provinces, countries….well everywhere!

    • yes…. oh yes, indeed 😉 thanks for the encouragement, I have just a few days more… maybe some little towns in the lake district will yield more surprise finds.

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