What I’m Reading Now

I joined the Toronto Public Library. It occurred to me that after all the taxes I pay, I should use more of the public amenities that the good city provides. That’s what I told the librarian, anyway.

Truth is, I heard there were audio books and e-books and e-zines in the library now. Easily accessible. There were apps I could download to support my reading addiction. And. Its. All. Free. For the hard working Canadian tax payer, this is welcome news.

So I’m downloading e-books as planned. And I’m loving it. But I also discovered something else. When I went to the library to sign up for membership, I just had to wander over to the Quilting section. I was expecting a few dusty, musty smelling books from the seventies, but I was pleasantly surprised, as there are a lot of recent titles! I decided to borrow 3 books (the conventional way) – 3 titles I would have never considered buying. I’m glad I did.


Twelve by Twelve – the International Art Quilt Challenge: this is a great read. It covers the results of a challenge undertaken by an international group of 12 quilters. Together, they came up with 12 themes, and each month interpreted those themes into a 12″x12″ quilt. The themes were wide ranging, and beautifully transformed. Each chapter covers a feature quilt and also includes excerpts from each of the quilters – they talk about inspiration, technique, colour, feeling, process…  I fell in love with one of the Community themed quilts by Kirsten Duncan, called “Brunswick Street”. I recommend this for art quilters and traditional quilters… the works are stunning and each page draws you in further. 

Masters: Art Quilts – Major Works by Leading Artists: very inspiring. This is a very thick, full colour tome of works by some of the major players in the art quilting world. Every page was a delight, and I found myself admiring several of the pieces that were shown. This was one of my favourites – After the Rain by Ita Ziv. I love the colour and movement in her work (red, orange, yellow, green – a favourite combo).


Jelly Roll Dreams – compiled by Pam and Nicky Lintott: I have acquired a few jelly rolls during my shopping trips, and have no idea what to do with them. Thanks to this book, I now have a Sense of Direction 🙂



What HAVE I been up to lately?

2013 passed by in a blur. Where did the time go?

  • I started the year by moving into to a new role at my company, and got happy and busy at work.
  • I took a short but very wonderful trip to Tobago
  • I went to the Creative Festival in the spring
  • I finished the phoenix quilt
  • I made myself a shoe bag for my tango shoes. Then I went and quit tango…
  • I started and abandoned several projects
  • I went on holiday to Vienna
  • I finished the madras plaid quilt
  • I went up to the cottage
  • I finished a red, blue, yellow and green batik bird hut for Pickle and Bubbles (and forgot to blog about it), and also 2 IKEA striped huts
  • I did a lot of fabric shopping. A lot. A whole helluva lot of shopping. Sooo much that I decided to skip the Creative Festival in the Fall (too much temptation).
  • I perfected Jamie Oliver’s recipe for sticky toffee pudding. I love you Jamie, but my version of your pudding is better, mate! 🙂
  • I tried cross country skiing. And liked it.

For 2014, I have resolved to stop buying fabric. I’ve run out of places to stash it, and I might even have to put some of it up on eBay (noooooooo!). Or start sewing more (I know I can, I know I can!). BTW, in case you’re not sure about your level of addiction… you know things are bad when most of your blogging involves copious references to shopping trips, you used the word “shopaholic” too often, and you ensure that trips out of town include browsing in foreign fabric stores….

Update: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Cannot believe it’s Feb 2014 already. Where does the time go? I’m still slowly working on my inset square blocks. I’m surprised at how much I love the soft palette of pinks, greens, greys, purples, blues… creating new combinations is so much fun.


On the other hand, cutting all those squares and strips is not so much fun. I cut a huge batch of strips from all the fabrics, and then got started. Because I only have a small table for sewing, I have to clear off everything when I want to cut, so it makes sense to cut the strips, then sew. Unfortunately, I’m at the point where I’m running out of white strips, so I guess I will have to clear the table again. Sigh.

I’m starting to rethink the pattern for this. Originally I was going to do 60 blocks, but maybe…. ? I’m only at 22 completed blocks, and 60 seems daunting at this point. Maybe I could use another setting (alternate large white squares with the blocks)? I’ll have to go back to EQ7 and figure it out…. stay tuned.