Update: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Cannot believe it’s Feb 2014 already. Where does the time go? I’m still slowly working on my inset square blocks. I’m surprised at how much I love the soft palette of pinks, greens, greys, purples, blues… creating new combinations is so much fun.


On the other hand, cutting all those squares and strips is not so much fun. I cut a huge batch of strips from all the fabrics, and then got started. Because I only have a small table for sewing, I have to clear off everything when I want to cut, so it makes sense to cut the strips, then sew. Unfortunately, I’m at the point where I’m running out of white strips, so I guess I will have to clear the table again. Sigh.

I’m starting to rethink the pattern for this. Originally I was going to do 60 blocks, but maybe…. ? I’m only at 22 completed blocks, and 60 seems daunting at this point. Maybe I could use another setting (alternate large white squares with the blocks)? I’ll have to go back to EQ7 and figure it out…. stay tuned.


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