What HAVE I been up to lately?

2013 passed by in a blur. Where did the time go?

  • I started the year by moving into to a new role at my company, and got happy and busy at work.
  • I took a short but very wonderful trip to Tobago
  • I went to the Creative Festival in the spring
  • I finished the phoenix quilt
  • I made myself a shoe bag for my tango shoes. Then I went and quit tango…
  • I started and abandoned several projects
  • I went on holiday to Vienna
  • I finished the madras plaid quilt
  • I went up to the cottage
  • I finished a red, blue, yellow and green batik bird hut for Pickle and Bubbles (and forgot to blog about it), and also 2 IKEA striped huts
  • I did a lot of fabric shopping. A lot. A whole helluva lot of shopping. Sooo much that I decided to skip the Creative Festival in the Fall (too much temptation).
  • I perfected Jamie Oliver’s recipe for sticky toffee pudding. I love you Jamie, but my version of your pudding is better, mate! 🙂
  • I tried cross country skiing. And liked it.

For 2014, I have resolved to stop buying fabric. I’ve run out of places to stash it, and I might even have to put some of it up on eBay (noooooooo!). Or start sewing more (I know I can, I know I can!). BTW, in case you’re not sure about your level of addiction… you know things are bad when most of your blogging involves copious references to shopping trips, you used the word “shopaholic” too often, and you ensure that trips out of town include browsing in foreign fabric stores….


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