What I’m Reading Now

I joined the Toronto Public Library. It occurred to me that after all the taxes I pay, I should use more of the public amenities that the good city provides. That’s what I told the librarian, anyway.

Truth is, I heard there were audio books and e-books and e-zines in the library now. Easily accessible. There were apps I could download to support my reading addiction. And. Its. All. Free. For the hard working Canadian tax payer, this is welcome news.

So I’m downloading e-books as planned. And I’m loving it. But I also discovered something else. When I went to the library to sign up for membership, I just had to wander over to the Quilting section. I was expecting a few dusty, musty smelling books from the seventies, but I was pleasantly surprised, as there are a lot of recent titles! I decided to borrow 3 books (the conventional way) – 3 titles I would have never considered buying. I’m glad I did.


Twelve by Twelve – the International Art Quilt Challenge: this is a great read. It covers the results of a challenge undertaken by an international group of 12 quilters. Together, they came up with 12 themes, and each month interpreted those themes into a 12″x12″ quilt. The themes were wide ranging, and beautifully transformed. Each chapter covers a feature quilt and also includes excerpts from each of the quilters – they talk about inspiration, technique, colour, feeling, process…  I fell in love with one of the Community themed quilts by Kirsten Duncan, called “Brunswick Street”. I recommend this for art quilters and traditional quilters… the works are stunning and each page draws you in further. 

Masters: Art Quilts – Major Works by Leading Artists: very inspiring. This is a very thick, full colour tome of works by some of the major players in the art quilting world. Every page was a delight, and I found myself admiring several of the pieces that were shown. This was one of my favourites – After the Rain by Ita Ziv. I love the colour and movement in her work (red, orange, yellow, green – a favourite combo).


Jelly Roll Dreams – compiled by Pam and Nicky Lintott: I have acquired a few jelly rolls during my shopping trips, and have no idea what to do with them. Thanks to this book, I now have a Sense of Direction 🙂



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