Totally Turquoise Quilt, part 1



When my cousin got married, she wore an exquisite sari in turquoise. Unusual, since most brides wear red saris, but it suited her perfectly. She looked radiant. The pictures above show close-ups of her sari (the difference in colour is due to lighting indoors vs outdoors).

Turquoise stones are full of interesting colour – shades ranging from almost green to almost blue.

I love the pattern in these stones – makes me think of rippling water, tropical shores, views from glass bottomed boats on Caribbean reefs.


I decided to google turquoise – tonnes of inspiring photos. According to Wikipedia, turquoise stones range from white to blue to green, depending on the chemical composition. The most desired stones tend towards robin’s egg blue. Turquoise (the color) is often synonymous with aqua or teal, although teal is greener and darker.

My cousin announced she’s pregnant…. hmm, is there a turquoise quilt idea milling around in my head, waiting to be made? I’ve combed my stash, and settled on 3 gorgeous turquoise shades – a robin’s egg blue, a deeper french blue, a bright aqua. I also pulled out some sunflower prints leftover from the bright and bubbly quilt – blues and greens on sky blue and orange backgrounds… now to find a theme, and figure out some contrasting colours – turquoise works well with orange, deep purple, and pink. Orange, check. Maybe one other colour?


4 thoughts on “Totally Turquoise Quilt, part 1

  1. I love sari fabric & turquoise is one of my favourite colours. We have some great fabric shops, just love to look at the colours. Turquoise is a good baby colour pretty enough for a girl & yet still blue for a boy

    • It’s so true, a gender neutral color. Had not considered that. But it’s perfect since my cousin doesn’t want to know beforehand if it’s boy or girl! Thx for your comment!

  2. Turquoise is one of my all time favorite colors! What beautiful photos, and a perfect idea! I like the look of turquoise with magenta or bright pink, personally. Depending on whether you are going for a gender neutral quilt or not, alternately I think turquoise would also go great with grey (dark or lighter). I can’t wait to see the baby quilt when it’s done!

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