(not so) Totally Turquoise Quilt, Part 4

I managed to get a LOT of work done on this quilt…. I pieced the strips together, then cut new strips on the diagonal. It was a bit finicky to join the shorter lengths, but I managed to get it all done.

Of course, I needed a border. Here’s what I settled on… mostly because I had sufficient fabric. But then I changed my mind and reserved the middle turquoise strips off the border instead.

I have put the last of my sunflower fabric into the quilt back, and added blue and turquoise strips to complete it. Most of this fabric is leftover from the Bright and Bubbly quilt… that’s a happy quilt, so this will be also šŸ™‚
And yes, I added *another* border to the quilt top! This time, I used the orange version of the sunflower fabric. Love it!
I’m still too chicken to try free motion, but I love the effect of wavy lines. I found a softly undulating wave stitch on my machine that gave a great effect. I quilted horizontal and vertical wavy lines, fairly close together. The next few shots show the stitching, and the quilted back and front, so hopefully you can see the quilting!


Adding the border was a quick affair using a darker turquoise.. I had a tonne of leftover 2.5″ strips in this colour. I must be getting better at binding, it all got done in a couple of hours. I think that stitching along the edge before binding really helps to make the quilt edges easier to handle.

So now to wash and de fuzz, and it’s ready for delivery!


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