Home Sweet Home, Part 1

The turquoise quilt has found a new home with my newest niece! She is the sweetest thing, I’m so glad that she is happy and healthy.

My next project is going to be a success or a flop, I’m not certain yet. It’s for my partner’s dad, Opa, who turns 75 in July. I put together a fantastic bundle, and showed it to my partner….

This was a bundle of precuts, and I combed my stash for some blenders. I thought it was amazing. He thought it was not – too bright, too modern, and what was with the black prints? Sigh.

I tossed it all back into the stash, and tried again. Batik! My partner loves batik (after all, his quilt is made of batiks). I put together another bundle…


These are a happy palette. I got intel on Opa’s favourite colours from the family – blue and brown. Well, no one really knows for sure, but he wears a lot of blue and brown… and I know he has a favourite orange sweater and yellow shirt… and he loves nature, so I threw in a pile of greens that I’ve been dying to use. Soooooooooo, I asked, wouldn’t this bundle work?

The weird look I got in return was not really helpful. So I decided to ignore everyone else’s opinions on the subject to solve the problem. I did toss the pink back into the stash… but now I needed more fabric.

Lucky for me, Creativ festival was rolling around. I took a trip to Mississauga, and headed straight for Hamel’s. I went through the shelves of batik (hundreds of pieces), picked out my favourites, then sat on the floor in a corner to compare them to a photo of fabrics from my stash. Reluctantly, I discarded a few, got a nod of approval from a fellow quilter who was looking over my shoulder with interest, and headed over to the register.

Back home, I combed through my stash again, and here’s what I’ve come up with…


Close ups below:




It seems like a lot of fabric. But I can always edit once I decide on a quilt pattern. Now, what can I make with this?


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