Pretty in Pink, part 1

As a kid, I’d never wear pink unless coerced. As a quilter, I’m learning to love pink. Deep fuschia prints and hot pink batiks? Yup, I will use them, usually juxtaposed alongside turquoise and orange.

But pale, soft pinks are a departure for me. I started a quilt in January using soft pink, lilac, blue and green, and I’m really loving it… hmm, where are those quilt blocks? I should dig those up… but that’s another story…

I ended up in Vancouver over the august long weekend, and of course, found a fabric store. I started picking out blues and greens, but discarded the pile once I laid eyes on the cutest mushroom cotton print! Somehow it spoke to me. Really. In hushed tones.

I pulled out the bolt (called mushroom march in coral, Arcadia, Sarah Watson for cloud nine), and on the same shelf found coordinating prints – some from Cloud Nine, one from Flea Market Fancy. In the shop, I tried to mix in pale blue and grey prints, but the fabrics in the shop did not quite work. So I bought the 4 pink prints from Spool of Thread, and made my way back to Toronto.

Shop your Stash! So I did, and found dozens of prints that could work. Blue, grey, yellow, more pink, lots of neutrals and some low volume prints… yummy.


I am a little uncertain about the deeper pinks, but overall, I like this palette. The decision to use cream, beige and grey together surprised me… but maybe not… I’ve spent many years in educational institutions – and those colours are so practical, not so?

Well, my palette is chosen. what about a pattern?


3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink, part 1

  1. I LOVE the mushroom print! Your entire fabric pull looks lovely. I’m stuck on magenta and teal as my color choice that appears in EVERY project but I really need to mix it up!

    • Thanks Kitty. that mushroom print was love at first sight… I’m glad I’m mixing up a different colour palette. but now I can’t seem to settle on a pattern… sigh. btw, loving the teal/magenta colour combo idea… yummy!

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