OPT (other people’s tutorials)

I think the great thing about the sewing community is the global desire to share knowledge with each other. I’m overwhelmed by the number of tutorials one can find on how to make just about anything! It’s delightful to find a new trick or two, and I’m so grateful that folks take the time to put their expertise out there. Here’s a few tutorials I really like:


  1. Values Quilt Tutorial by Sew Katie Did – this is a great idea for using up your stash and playing with light, medium and dark values, as opposed to simply colour.
  2. Mini Quilt Circular Applique by Purlbee – the fabric used is wonderful, and this looks like an easy introduction to circular applique
  3. This is one of the best YouTube videos I have seen on binding, and shows all the tips for getting quilt show perfect binding: Sharon Schamber’s binding the angel

Star Block Quilts

  1. Carol’s paper paper pieced star (one of many on her site)
  2. Delectable Stars Quilt Pattern by Cindy Carter – this is not as complicated as it looks, you start with large half square triangles, which are then cut into strips and pieced. A wonderful idea!

Quilt Labels

  1. A Quick Quilt Label Method by Dianne Harris on QMBlog – I have been hesitant about quilt labels, but I just might try this method
  2. Spoonflower Labels by Jaybird Quilts – this girl just has the best ideas. This is a future project for sure!

Bags, Pouches, Pillowcases and Containers

    1. Easiest pillowcase tutorial ever! with two straight lines of stitching, you can create a pillow case with no exposed edges. Check it out at AllPeopleQuilt.com – Roll it up pillowcase
    2. Open wide zippered pouch from Noodlehead
    3. Film in the Fridge: Round bottom fabric storage buckets

Quilting Tutorial Sites

Some are free, others are pay-per-view, etc… this is a list of sites to reference when I’m looking for learn something new!

  1. MQU – McCall’s Quilt University
  2. Pattern Playground – You gotta check this out on FreeQuiltPatterns.info. You can choose 3 fabrics, up to 2 blocks and other assorted configurations, and randomly generate a quilt pattern made of half square triangles. Tweak the blocks by rotating them to come up with even more patterns, and when you are happy, you can print out your free pattern
  3. Every wanted to know how to photograph your quilts with that professional touch? Check out the tips and tricks from Holly Knott Finger Lakes Art – Shoot That Quilt!

(Non Quilting) Projects I’d like to Try one of these good days

  1. Amy’s Creative Side: Colour Wheel Project
  2. U.K Lass in U.S: fabulous fabric dollhouse tutorial

Journal Covers

  1. Stitched in Color: Journal cover tutorial

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