Bright and Bubbly Quilt

I enjoyed making this quilt for my sister. The pattern is inspired by Kaffe Fassett. I wanted to do a more contemporary pattern, and I love the color of Kaffe’s fabrics. Only one Kaffe Fassett fabric in this quilt unfortunately, because (1) the fabric is hard to come by in my neighbourhood and (2) it’s expensive!

There are over 10 fabrics, and yes, I should have probably edited. This first picture shows a rough design, done with Microsoft Paint. I found online fabric swatches of the fabrics I wanted, but in the end, could not find them all.










The inspiration for this quilt was my sister’s bird Bubbly, who keeps me company while I quilt – she cuts paper strips to make her nest, and I cut fabric to make a quilt for her owner!


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