Flutterbye Quilt

So, Project July 2011, Anna’s parents announced they were pregnant in January, and it’s taken me 7 months to finish the quilt for Anna, just in time for her birth…. barely! This was a quilt that was inspired by Oh Franson! – her mixtape quilts were fun and colourful: http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/quilt-patterns.html. But as I cut the blocks and arranged them, I wanted to create a focal point in the centre…. initially I was drawn to the idea of a huge Ohio star, but I really wanted to maintain the feeling of blocks, and also wanted to play with sashing.

This was a challenging quilt in many ways. I had to continuously trim blocks to get them to the right size (I really should have sketched each block and calculated the measurements, but I was creating them spontaneously with whatever scraps were on hand). The centre “medalion” required precision cutting and piecing, and I’ve done only a fairly decent job. I wanted a warm rich cream for the sashing, but could not locate the right shade of solid fabric at Sew-Sisters. Mary came up with a wonderful cream with light green polka dot, that turned out to be a good substitute.

My old $200 walmart Brother sewing machine gave away when I was about halfway through quilting. Although I tried to get it serviced, it was no use, so I’ve invested in a Husquavarna Sapphire 750. After that, things went rather well, and I managed to finish it. I’m not sure whether I love the back more than the front, but I’m glad I got the Ohio Star in…. the colours are so much more vibrant than the pictures display them. I even managed to use the embroidery feature on my new machine to machine stitch the name of the quilt (Flutterbye, Bella Anna) to the back.


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