Messenger Bags

Project Sept 2011: Can I make a messenger bag? Using some of the left over quilt blocks from my Bright and Bubbli quilt, and some timeless treasure tonga strips (hard candy) – great batik prints! – I fashioned a simplistic messenger bag below. I barely got 2 pictures of it, since, as soon as it was done, it was in the hands of one of the kids (Mel, you can see her sneaker on the left), on her way to a sleepover, and in need of a new fashion item to sport πŸ™‚ I would have never thought teenagers were still into bright fabrics, but she loved it….

Project Sept 2011: yep, another messenger bag. This one was for a mac book air 2010, and made its way all the way to Europe as a gift for a dear friend, My partner’s mom. Our new artist in residence Mel picked the fabric from my stash and declared it perfect for her grandmother. Mel has just started a new highschool with a high focus on the Arts. Since she is a fantastic artist and singer, I think it’s the perfect place for her…. and now, she’s my new youth-arts advisor… how else am I going to stay in touch with what’s in?


2 thoughts on “Messenger Bags

    • thanks! I love an accidental treasure. the first bag was a test of scraps to see if I could manage a project like a messenger bag. the second bag – I actually took it to the apple store to see if it would fit the MacBook!

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