Home Sweet Home, Part 3

It’s been weeks. I’ve been confident and persistent, and I’ve done it! The panel is pieced, and I’m satin stitching the edges in pale grey thread now to stabilize it….. I omitted one of my colours, on my partner’s advice… but the fabric is not wasted, it will work for the quilt border and binding. I don’t have a backing pieced, and I don’t have time to piece one, so I’m just going to buy some yards of a sale fabric at Sew Sisters, or an extra wide fabric. I have not done a single fabric backing since 2010, I always piece my leftovers to make a coordinating backing, to maximize use of the leftovers, to whittle away at my stash, and to be economical. But since my leftovers are batik, I’m not worried, they will get used on another project.


Confessions of a Quilter: during the piecing, I kept thinking I was certifiable. To get here took long hours late at night after work, and quite a bit of my weekends. But I’m really excited to finish it now…. wish me luck. the deadline is looming!


What HAVE I been up to lately?

2013 passed by in a blur. Where did the time go?

  • I started the year by moving into to a new role at my company, and got happy and busy at work.
  • I took a short but very wonderful trip to Tobago
  • I went to the Creative Festival in the spring
  • I finished the phoenix quilt
  • I made myself a shoe bag for my tango shoes. Then I went and quit tango…
  • I started and abandoned several projects
  • I went on holiday to Vienna
  • I finished the madras plaid quilt
  • I went up to the cottage
  • I finished a red, blue, yellow and green batik bird hut for Pickle and Bubbles (and forgot to blog about it), and also 2 IKEA striped huts
  • I did a lot of fabric shopping. A lot. A whole helluva lot of shopping. Sooo much that I decided to skip the Creative Festival in the Fall (too much temptation).
  • I perfected Jamie Oliver’s recipe for sticky toffee pudding. I love you Jamie, but my version of your pudding is better, mate! 🙂
  • I tried cross country skiing. And liked it.

For 2014, I have resolved to stop buying fabric. I’ve run out of places to stash it, and I might even have to put some of it up on eBay (noooooooo!). Or start sewing more (I know I can, I know I can!). BTW, in case you’re not sure about your level of addiction… you know things are bad when most of your blogging involves copious references to shopping trips, you used the word “shopaholic” too often, and you ensure that trips out of town include browsing in foreign fabric stores….

Madras Plaid Part 4: Happy Trails

In my haste to get this quilt to my niece, I forgot to take a full shot of the quilt. yikes, did it again!

The binding was a challenge in terms of picking the colour. However, once I had settled for an aqua batik print, putting it all together was a quick affair. it’s all washed and delivered, hopefully, it brings as much joy to my niece as it did to me 🙂


Madras Plaid Part 3: So Happy Together!

Can you believe it? The back came together in about 20 minutes, and sandwiching the quilt was no problem – after I painstakingly ironed both quilt back and front, and taped the back to the floor. No wrinkles!

Quilting was a quick affair, using a gently curving stitch to create a grid of soft wavy lines. So much easier than quilting straight lines!

I stitched the edge of the quilt before cutting away the excess – I love this method, because you get neat edges for binding.

Binding! Yikes! I have no idea what I’m going to use for binding. Blue? White? Stripes? Hmm, time to audition a few fabrics from my stash…


Below is a shot of the backside of the quilt front before I sandwiched it all together. I love the stained glass effect of the light coming through. 20130818-154424.jpg

Madras Plaid Part 2: Standard Deviations

Inspiration: This week’s post comes to you courtesy of SewCraftyJess – I found her wonderful tutorial for her
Simply Woven quilt, and simply fell in love….

Status: the quilt top is finished! I’m starting to piece the back tonite. Should be sandwiched and hopefully quilting by Saturday.

Standard Deviations: did not use a solid for the background, chose dark background over light, making a lap size version, put two light borders, instead of leaving it border less.

Doubts: Will the quilt be too small or too big? Was a light border the right choice? What colour binding should I choose?



Madras Plaid Part 1: A Scrappy Affair

After the phoenix quilt, I’ve been taking a little hiatus from sewing. I started 2 bags, no patterns of course. Got stuck, rather, bored with the process and put them aside. Summer has since claimed my spare time…

Until now. I’ve found a scrap buster project. I’ve dug through my stash, and pulled bright patterns and batiks, and cut dozens of 2.5″ strips…. the inspiration? A wonderful tutorial from Moda Bake Shop, for a colorful “plaid” quilt. I will share the link soon (for some reason, I can’t find it right now)…



See all the yummy fabric piles above? That was the before shot…. I’ve really cut into those leftovers, FQs and half metres… it’s so hard to chop up beautiful fabric, but I know it will be worth it!

6 more blocks and I can piece it together.. wish me luck that I can finish today!

Phoenix Quilt continues – Part 5

20130505-233152.jpg Managed to complete the back of the quilt today. I wanted to incorporate the stars (above) which I had originally sewn for the quilt front into the quilt back. Lots of scraps, lots of colour, and I even threw on a new print… a strip from a fat quarter of Space Invaders themed fabric, which I had picked up at Creativ Festival. I know, I know… I said I would not buy any more fabric for this quilt, but who can resist something as nostalgic as space invaders?

Here’s the back, not as yet squared up. I’m pretty happy with the bright colour, especially as I had a chance to use all those 2.5 inch strips of that yummy orange hawaiian print – I had originally cut that for the borders on the front, and changed my mind at the last moment.

20130505-233343.jpg The quilt sandwich is now pinned together, and I’ve started machine quilting. Hope I have some time this week to work on it.

Project Phoenix continues – Part 1


So, life has gotten really busy in the last couple of months. I meant to continue project Phoenix, but quilting time has not materialized. I started a new job in January, following a trip to Carinzia over the holidays. Thought I would share a few pix of the centre panel of the patchwork – the back of it against the light makes me want to do a stained glass quilt 🙂

The interesting thing is that I’ve shown a few people this and they cannot see the bird… this is a bit disappointing. On the other hand, the eventual recipient of this quilt knows this motif (it’s on the wall in his room) 🙂

My dilemma now is how do I finish this – borders, no borders… and I have no idea what I want to do for the quilt back. I have made some star blocks from the same fabrics, that I want to intersperse randomly on the front (this panel needs to grow another 12″ all around before binding).